Iron Man 3 (2013); Film Heroisme si Manusia Besi yang Humoris

Iron Man 3 (2013); Film Heroisme si Manusia Besi yang Humoris
Iron Man 3 (2013). Sumber gambar: IMDB

You know, I always loved to be a part of crowded people in the cinema when Iron Man 3 is in its first day playing. And it feels nice though I don’t know what kind of movie will be played, what’s about the genre, what’s the plus, etc. For me, to find out the answer earlier or letter, no matter. People buy a lot of ticket, people stand in line for hours, and people have to be go home with disappointing faces coz sold out tickets.  At USA, this movie will be on cinema at 3rd May 2013. Indonesian people are very lucky, I guess. For people who really fans of Iron Man, should be very enthusiastic and will not skip this chance.

I bought a ticket via MTIX 4 days before, and very close to sold out, there was a one seat left for 2D version. Lucky me. For 3D version was sold out after couple hours pre-order tickets offered online.

So, I have watched a definitely-amazing-and-rockin’ movie, people said, and it was true. Iron Man 3 was really Hollywood-taste as well, started from the effect, the actors, the story, the emotion inside, and the ending.

Okey, let me tell you the plot (I promise you less the spoiler) of Iron Man 3. Back to year 1999, at Bern, Swiss, the story was began. Tony Starks (Robert Downey Jr.-Sherlock Holmes, Spiderman-Homecoming) attended a formal party when in the same time, a guy came to him from AIM and offered him sort of project proposal. Tony said that he was interested but actually he wasn’t. Tony was with a botanist woman that time and they were talking about a new brain program called EXTRIMIST, actually this is a dangerous program and could be a weapon too. Tony didn’t realize that.

13 years later, there were some misterious bombing happened and the mastermind is called Mandarin. Pentagon worries about this untraceable bombing so that they need Iron Patriot while Tony Stark was busy and he got some problems himself, kind a serious anxiety disorder. He’s on progress making some innovation for Iron Man 3, he was sleepless in days, he got recurring bad dream, he really not okay to fight.

But, he was forced to leave his house after Mandarin’s people came and attacked. Actually, Iron Man costume still not ready 100%, but Tony has no choice. Then, the battle was begun. Mandarin’s people has been injected by EXTRIMIST, they are strong people and flammable, they did the bombing without track at all.

You will watch a lot of effects here from explosions things, collapsing buildings, high speed fly, and etc. And I was impressed when Pepper wearing Iron Man costume and protecting Tony, so cool part, I guess. There are also little drama, comedy too, that will be dismissed boringness for this 2 hours movie.

Absolutely, I recommended this movie for you all guys, even you don’t know who the hell is Iron Man.

 Trailer Iron Man 3:

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